Go Slow to Go Fast

It was a month ago today that I lost control noted in my

I Can’t Sleep

post. Not by any means was it my yelling and ranting that got them to where they are today. It was the idea of slowing down to walk with them through this process and not being ahead of them calling them to catch up.

Slowing down looked like starting with five minutes of working independently, while remaining on task. At the end of the five minutes, students were given a one minute brain break time, where they could talk, walk around and for those who couldn’t resist, dance. It didn’t matter if we were conducting small group rotations or not.

The result…




As well as students telling me they want to work through the brain break time or that they believe they’re ready to work 10-15 minutes in small group. Two Fridays ago I told them I was so proud of them.

Just because we scream, rant and rave doesn’t make students change. They may comply for the moment. Real change comes when they know you are invested, that you genuinely care if they get it. Dare to go slow.

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