Looking Through My Window

I’ve had several people to ask me to film what my small group rotations look like in my classroom.  So I checked out a camera and a tripod of the media center and placed it near my classroom door.  This is what you would have seen had you been looking into my classroom window yesterday.


  1. Thanks for the insight into your room! I love the small groups and the organization that you have! One question though — How do you keep kids accountable when you are working in small groups? The biggest complaint that I hear from teachers not wanting to do small group is they can’t monitor what everyone else is doing. How do you set up expectations? How often do you structure your classroom like this? (I know — more than one question!) Thanks!

    • Hey Anne,

      I wish I could have gotten some close up shots for the video, but unfortunately I didn’t have anyone to film us.

      Accountability was a big issue for me in the beginning as well. One thing that has helped is selecting a group captain to monitor everyone within the group. The captain is charged with keeping everyone on task and answering questions so students don’t interrupt my small group. I award points to the group’s that are on task. At the end of the week I allot for free time in which students can play on the computers, iPads or their phones.

      For work accountability, students have a gaming journal in which they record specified information (this is used for virtual and non virtual games). I do a spot check of random groups. Independent practice activities provide students with work to submit for scoring.

      I hope this helps. Hopefully in the near future I can get some close up shots. Thanks for following me on this journey!

      • One of my teachers is talking about grouping students. You were the first person who I thought of to be able to help her on this journey! I love your organization and it is helping me see how I can help get things organized for others! I appreciate your insight and I am sure I will be checking back in to pick your brain! Thank you! Appreciate you allowing to join on your journey!

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