Just a Little Taste

Facing two days of exams, covering most of the school day, having something for the last two periods of the day was pivotal. Originally, I wanted to use a 3-Act Task to have students preview the next unit we will cover after winter break. However, sitting through two 80 minutes testing sessions prompted a change in plans.

I did something I don’t normally do, “wing-it”. It wasn’t a 100% “wing”. As the Notorious B.I.G. once said, “It came to me like a song I wrote…” I knew I wanted to doing something with ratios and proportions which triggered the thought I had of seeing a 2nd grade class complete a task. This task required the students to see how many of a particular activity they could do within 1 minute or so. Modified for previewing 7.RP.1, students complete 4 activities in 10 seconds, hence 10 Seconds Challenge.

This turned out to be the perfect activity to do after sitting most of the day. Movement, activating prior knowledge and previewing a new concept all in one.







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