Giving Them What They Want


Within my post There’s a Disconnect, students shared they would like to review concepts to be assessed by playing games. Wanting to be a woman of my word, I did what I always do when I need to think, I went for a walk.  (Total sidebar, taking a moment to “be in the moment” and decompress is essential to your well-being.  Try it some time.)

What came out of that walk is explained below.

Hunger Games

Our last unit dealt with probability.  Perfect!  I tied in the last unit with other concepts to be covered on our district final.  We watched the first 20 minutes of The Hunger Games.  From there we completed The Reaping and the games began!


Within this Powerpoint, you’ll find directions for two games played, Hot Seat and Review Relay.  Students were pumped about earning points for the districts.

This may have been my favorite game.  Tributes had to make it to the cornucopia to retrieve items from their sponsors.


Incorporating technology, we played Kahoot, Overthrowing the Capitol.



My students need some extra motivation to compensate for the lack of intrinsic motivation quite often throughout the year.  The end of the year was no different.  To keep students motivated to continue down the road of success until the very last day, we developed a mini-society.


School ended May 20th.

Just a Little Taste


Facing two days of exams, covering most of the school day, having something for the last two periods of the day was pivotal. Originally, I wanted to use a 3-Act Task to have students preview the next unit we will cover after winter break. However, sitting through two 80 minutes testing sessions prompted a change in plans.

I did something I don’t normally do, “wing-it”. It wasn’t a 100% “wing”. As the Notorious B.I.G. once said, “It came to me like a song I wrote…” I knew I wanted to doing something with ratios and proportions which triggered the thought I had of seeing a 2nd grade class complete a task. This task required the students to see how many of a particular activity they could do within 1 minute or so. Modified for previewing 7.RP.1, students complete 4 activities in 10 seconds, hence 10 Seconds Challenge.

This turned out to be the perfect activity to do after sitting most of the day. Movement, activating prior knowledge and previewing a new concept all in one.